beware the cat who holds a grudge

There is a story that I remember from my childhood, but for some reason a lot of details surrounding my childhood are foggy, so I apologize to my siblings or family who reads this and says, "that is so not how it happened."  There is also the slight possibility that I dreamed this or completely made it up, in which case I apologize again.

I remember hearing about one of my siblings, my sister maybe (?) who used to complain that one of the animals would stare at her, and that she didn't like it.  My animals stare at me all the time.  Kate, my yellow lab, will go and stand wherever I am looking (at the TV, at Andrew, whatever) so that she is in my direct line of sight - and start staring at me. She would stare at me for as long as I let her....but for some reason it really bothers me!  Even now, as I type, my cat Ginny is sitting on the bistro that is beside me in the office.......staring at me.  Actually - no - she's glaring at me.  I always wonder why she has such a need to be NEAR me, but doesn't want me to touch or acknowledge her nearness at all.  You would think that I did something terrible to her - the way she is glaring at me now.

26 weeks pregnant.  I wish I was able to focus on anything other than the 14 weeks I have to go.  From where I am sitting right now, 14 weeks feels like forever. So many things about me are changing, for better and worse.  It's a miraculous and sometimes frustrating experience. On a happy note, I found 2 very cute things for Isaac's room!

A song you should listen to:  Blessed Redeemer by Casting Crowns.  Beautiful.


  1. ha ha, about your animals. that's funny. and I totally understand how annoying it is. I am constantly telling peaches to leave me alone when she is too close, or staring, or whatever...

    you look so cute!! love the belly :)

  2. im so glad you posted a belly pic!!! i havent seen you in a while.
    tell your cat to stop staring so loudly! rude!


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