It Begins

Today we got the primer for the nursery!  Before dinner I got almost 2 walls done.  One wall has the trim done, the other one doesn't.  I feel comfortable painting as I am keeping the room very well ventilated and not standing on ladders.  I'm glad that I started this early.  It is a lot of work and I can't imagine doing it with a huge belly!  Not to mention that being pregnant has made me tire easily...so I will be taking my time.  I'm sure it will take at least a week if not more to get the primer done.  I'm thinking it will need 2 coats, then I can start with the colors.  Now if I could only decide on exactly which colors I'm going to use!  I'll be sure to post pictures when the room is painted!

We are getting close to a name for our little boy.  It is a big decision!


  1. awesome! can't wait to see. I can try and help sometime, if you'd like... :) have you seen the dino blanket of jason's? It's red on one side and then all colors on the other... anyways, thought you might want to see it for ideas or something... I'll show it to you next time I see you, if I remember :) miss you!

  2. i got your message about the name you picked out... great choice!!! :) so fun putting a name to the face you havent met yet :D

  3. Blue, yellow, and green! :) Very little boy!


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