nursery update!

We have a crib!  Andrew worked today to put the crib together and put up shelves.  I'm so appreciative of his hard work.

Of course the cat thought that the crib was for her -


It's curtains for us!

I finished the curtains!  They are definitely very primitive and I know every mistake I made, but I'm proud of them none the less.

From far away they look like flowers or cherries or something.  Don't be deceived!  They are dinosaurs.

A close up of the fabric:

It looks upside down, I know, but the dinosaurs are facing every which way.

Not too shabby for my first set of curtains.  Shout out to Andrew who helped me immensely with the first one.  Thanks to his help, I knew what to do with the second one.  We just made it up as we went...and it turned out fun!  It makes the nursery look more vibrant!  I'm getting more excited every day!


30 weeks...and counting

I felt like I should post something today - this being the day that I start my 30th week of pregnancy.  I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant.  I was experience some early pregnancy symptoms so I decided to take a pregnancy test.  To all you women out there who have been pregnant, I think you will be able to relate to what happened next.  I took the test and there was a faint second line.  A line so faint that I hardly believed it existed at all.  So, like any logical person would do, I took another test.  Then another.  :D  Same result.  Andrew and I went to the beach that night, with some friends, to stay for the weekend.  I can remember obsessing about it all weekend, "am I pregnant?  will drinking this cherry coke kill the baby?"  Even with the 'am I pregnant' obsession and the non stop questions that were in my head, I was still in complete denial.  I was also very exhausted.  I had worked that week, but no more than usual, and I couldn't figure out why I was so tired.  Since, in my mind, there was no way that I could pregnant, that couldn't be causing the fatigue.  

On Sunday we had to rush home for a church event.  After we got home from church, the first thing I did was take another pregnancy test.  Sure enough, the faint line that I had seen on the other tests was this time a much darker, more distinct line.  Even after showing Andrew and being given more proof, I was still in complete denial.  I felt like I had wanted this for so long....how could it actually be happening?  

The answer to that is simply that God is good.  I think that sometimes we purposely don't dream very big, because we don't want to be disappointed when our big dreams don't come true.  We think that if we keep our dreams small, they might actually become realities, and we won't have to face yet another failure.  When we do that, though, we are cutting God short.  Hasn't he promised us abundant life?  Hasn't he proven his abilities to us through his word and in other people's lives?  Doesn't he love us just as much as that other person that he blessed?  With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26), and even though we might not always get the answer that we wanted, that doesn't mean we should stop asking.


This is my Father's world

God is still in charge.  This is still His world.  Let us never forget.

Today was one of those days that I didn't want to be anywhere.  I didn't want to be at home.  I didn't want to be at work.  I didn't want to be ... anywhere!  Maybe it's the pregnancy.  It does mess with one's hormones like mad!  Speaking of mad, I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  It was very good.  It really was made to be seen in 3D ... so make sure to see it before it's out of the theaters!

I started making curtains.  Yes, me.  Andrew has been helping me figure it all out.  I'm not much for understanding patterns or written instructions, I need it to be shown to me.  Luckily I have a problem-solving husband who has patience to spare.  I found some great fabric at Joann's!

Can't wait to meet Isaac!  Everyday we get closer.  He is getting big in there...I can tell by how much my belly is growing and by how I can feel him and see him move.  As far as I can tell he continues to keep his head down, so his rump keeps moving back and forth from side to side on the upper part of my belly.  It is all so very astonishing and unreal.

My sister is coming to my baby shower!!  She lives 3000 miles away, folks!  She loves me enough that she is travelling many hours to be here for the shower, only to turn around and leave that very same night!  What a sister I have.  Love you, Crr.


how many nuggets can a pregnant girl eat?

Last week was full of firsts.  I drank the infamous orange glucose drink for the first time. I got tested for gestational diabetes for the first time (thankfully I don't have it! ya!).  Last week was the first time anyone ever said to me, "the baby is head down!"  I ate lunch at Rosa's Cafe for the first time.  I had my first ever birthing class.  And, when I got weighed at last week's doctor appointment, it was the first time the scale had ever read that high :).

The birthing class was the highlight of my weekend (that and having lunch with a good friend on Friday!) because it opened my eyes to so many things.  Natural childbirth.  Does that really happen?  Are there hospitals that will let you move around instead of being confined to a bed?  Are there doctors who will actually listen to what you want?  Apparently so.  That's encouraging.  The important things to do are to trust God, trust your body, and have an open mind.  If there's anything that's unpredictable, it's child birth.  It's not long until I get to experience it for myself.  It's exciting and terrifying to think about.

We finished painting the nursery!  Chair rail is up...lookin' great!  Here's a picture:

My friend Mike also made us a cake in the shape of a converse to match the room!  A green and brown converse cake!  I felt like it was my birthday - so special! :)  Thanks Mike!



I see a red door and I want to paint it...green!

We're getting a lot of work done on the nursery!  The paint is done - for now.  We will have to paint the chair rail before it goes up and then most likely repaint the baseboards.  It's a great feeling to have it closer to being done.  We got a new ceiling fan for the room, too.  I thought I would wait until it was completely done to post before and after pictures, but I can't wait anymore! : D  So, here are the before and in-between shots, as well as some crafts I've been doing!

Before = blue and gray....certainly a fine choice of colors.  But why not paint when you have such a good reason to?

First color on, dark brown.  At first I was a little disappointed at how red this brown looks in certain lights, but it grew on me.

Blue tape in between - that's where the white chair rail will go.  Now to the green.  Did you think I was kidding when I said green?

Here's another angle:

Crafts.  I'm not the craftiest person, but I can paint wooden things that are already made.  Michael's has a ton  of pre-made wooden things to paint, and I had a lot of fun painting them!  One of these days I might get brave and try to make curtains!

28 weeks tomorrow.  Third trimester.  People keep saying "time flies."  Does it?  I feel like it's creeping along so very slowly.  Newest pregnancy inconveniences are cramps in the legs and tired/sore feet.   Sleep evades me, and my lower back hurts.  Now, I don't mean to only be negative about pregnancy.  After all, I wanted it.  AND, it will eventually yield something more amazing than I could ever hope for.    It just gets a little hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when there is such a big belly in the way! :)


crazy good deals

Last night Andrew and I went to the "Wee-Cycle" Consignment Sale in Portland.  It was our first time at a consignment sale, so we didn't know what to expect.  We got to go a day early to the pre-sale, as we are first time parents!  We were looking for big ticket items like cribs, pack-n-plays, changing tables, dressers, and car seat stroller combos.  We ended up getting a great deal on a travel system.  It came with a car seat that snaps into a stroller, and 3 car bases!  The stroller came with 2 bases... while we were rolling the stroller away, Andrew found another car seat base for $10!  Everything is in great condition, and it's very exciting!  God is great!  We got it for almost a third of the retail price.  I just wish that we already had the baby that goes into the car seat ... but I guess that will come soon enough!

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