how many nuggets can a pregnant girl eat?

Last week was full of firsts.  I drank the infamous orange glucose drink for the first time. I got tested for gestational diabetes for the first time (thankfully I don't have it! ya!).  Last week was the first time anyone ever said to me, "the baby is head down!"  I ate lunch at Rosa's Cafe for the first time.  I had my first ever birthing class.  And, when I got weighed at last week's doctor appointment, it was the first time the scale had ever read that high :).

The birthing class was the highlight of my weekend (that and having lunch with a good friend on Friday!) because it opened my eyes to so many things.  Natural childbirth.  Does that really happen?  Are there hospitals that will let you move around instead of being confined to a bed?  Are there doctors who will actually listen to what you want?  Apparently so.  That's encouraging.  The important things to do are to trust God, trust your body, and have an open mind.  If there's anything that's unpredictable, it's child birth.  It's not long until I get to experience it for myself.  It's exciting and terrifying to think about.

We finished painting the nursery!  Chair rail is up...lookin' great!  Here's a picture:

My friend Mike also made us a cake in the shape of a converse to match the room!  A green and brown converse cake!  I felt like it was my birthday - so special! :)  Thanks Mike!



  1. that michael.. so creative these days... great cake shoe!

  2. WAIT... what do nuggets have to do with anything?

  3. Hahah! nothing really :) Just a random title!


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