It's curtains for us!

I finished the curtains!  They are definitely very primitive and I know every mistake I made, but I'm proud of them none the less.

From far away they look like flowers or cherries or something.  Don't be deceived!  They are dinosaurs.

A close up of the fabric:

It looks upside down, I know, but the dinosaurs are facing every which way.

Not too shabby for my first set of curtains.  Shout out to Andrew who helped me immensely with the first one.  Thanks to his help, I knew what to do with the second one.  We just made it up as we went...and it turned out fun!  It makes the nursery look more vibrant!  I'm getting more excited every day!


  1. LOVE THEM!! So talented lady! :) What a bright fun room!

  2. who ever said you can't sew!?!! you did a wonderful job! I love them. the pattern is way cute! great job. now on to the bedding... but, just like the curtains, that will be cake too :) how exciting to see it all coming along.

  3. oh that fabric is super cute! nice work!


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