2 more weeks of bed rest

Things haven't changed much, but I am progressing very slowly according to the doctor.  So....at least 2 more weeks of bed rest.  I also am to keep taking the medication that helps stop these pre-term contractions.  The medication's side effects are awful, but I'm learning that it takes sacrifice to be a mommy, and this is one thing I must do!  The goal is to keep him in there as long as possible, and to get as close to the due date as I can.  Every week he is in there help his chances out here.

Bed rest is a very common thing.  It is something to take seriously, but nothing to get freaked out about.  God has been so present in this whole situation.  I've had nothing but good experiences at the Labor and Delivery Unit at St. Vincent.  I have a great husband who helps me with everything at home, and a great team of supporters around me.  My work situation is nothing I need to stress about, as they have found someone who is willing to cover for me when I need them to.  I'm usually the one worrying about everything, but in this case, I have been able to remain calm and composed.  God has given me an overwhelming peace about the whole situation.  Whatever happens......happens.  God is in complete control, and nothing I or any of the doctors do can change that.  I take great comfort knowing that my life is not my own!

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  1. Praise God for His complete control and the peace He brings you. Glad that Isaac is not at all harmed by any of this, and we pray for him to stay in as long as possible for a safe entrance into this world. Great job doing what is best for you and for him. You are a great mommy!


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