belly pictures

Andrew's mom, Karen, is a great photographer :)  Here's some pictures to prove it.

One of the whole family!

and last but certainly not least, the quilt that my dear friend Lisa made me!  Thank you Lisa, I LOVE it!


  1. awesome pictures!! love them!!
    and, WAY TO GO, Lisa! love the quilt. so perfect!

  2. Yay! I'm glad that you like the quilt! I'm never making one of those again... phew. No, I absolutely enjoy doing it!!! I was totally prepared for if you had a girl, but couldn't do that one yet... Maybe in a couple years... :)

    Your pics are so freakin' cute. Love the profile. you are so cute with your round baby bump! awww! :) miss you! glad I got to see you, even if just for a teensy bit! see you again soon!!! Love you!

  3. Wren, these are beautiful! That first picture is to die for... wow, precious!!! You're glowing! I also LOVE that quilt! It is so fun and colorful, and matches perfectly!!

  4. those pictures are great. ..I LOVE THE RING ON THE NECKLACE.. And your turkey timer hasnt quite popped out yet... although, mine did at like 23 weeks. teehee..

    you guys are both totally invited to come drop by to Ethan's appot. were having it at mccormick park on saturday the 15th at 1. feel free to stop by and have a burger if you want. :)

  5. p.s. im a doofus and put appt on that last comment.. your not invited to an appt. your invited to a birthday party.. im a nerd. stuck in work-mode.

  6. hahah, no worries! Thanks for the invitation.

    Also, my turkey timer isn't going to pop, I don't think. My sister's didn't. We have extreme innies! :) It has gotten a lot flatter and smaller and sticks out on the sides...kind of funny. I'll be so happy if it DOES pop - then I'll be more traditionally pregnant looking!


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