how the fur flies

Could our dogs really be settling down?  Are my eyes and ears deceiving me?

We have great dogs, don't get me wrong.  Any of you who know them, know that at their center, they are very sweet and genuinely good dogs.  However, they can be very crazy.  The problem, mostly, is that they are so over-the-top excited to see anyone who walks on two legs, at any given time, that they can come off more than a little rude. (all up in your face, sniffing you in inappropriate places, running in circles around you, and licking your hands, arms, face, or any skin you might be bearing.)

Today they came in the house calmly, after being outside in our big, fenced in back yard, and went straight into their kennels.  After that I let them out and fed them... and since then they've just been lounging around.  Usually it's at least 15 minutes of hunting for a toy and then wrestling over it once they find it, digging in the bathroom trash, and finding any bit of clothing that isn't tied down and diving under the dining room table with it to start a lovely game of keep away.

It's like my sister said, "how are you supposed to respond when people ask you, 'do you have a good baby?'"  What kind of a question is that?  Of course you're going to say that your baby is good.  What makes something 'good' anyway?  Everyone has a different definition.  Your baby is good because he's your baby, and it's as simple as that.  You love him no matter what comes your way.  It's the same with the dogs.  I get frustrated with them.  I raise my voice at them when I find that they've shredded toilet paper all over the dining room.  But they are dogs who love us no matter what.  And because of that, they are good.


  1. i feel like pep is finally calming down a little. (she just turned 3) she still gets excited when new people are around but not as rude. :) something we did when she was younger was when we knew someone was coming over, we would put her in her kennel or on her bed and tell her to stay. and i would tell whoever was coming to COMPLETLY ignore her for the first 15 minutes or so. and she would shake and shiver and whine and wag her tail and want to play but i would reinforce her to stay and my company would completely ignore her.. it really helped and to this day i still tell people to disregard her at first until she has calmed down. your girls are so cute :)

  2. That is a great idea....and something all the professional trainers do...good for you :)


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