too much time

When you're constantly at home, with minimal contact with the outside world (except through emails and phone calls and the occasional visitor), and you've watched so many "Baby Story" episodes on TLC that you start seeing reruns so you turn off the TV, and you've visited every crafty - mama blog you can possibly find online so you turn off your computer, and all the books in your list of books to read seem unappealing so you walk away from the bookshelf, and all the pictures you gather to finish up the scrap booking you've been meaning to do just bring back memories that make you cry so you close that box, and you don't know what the date is, and all you have left is a couch that is too soft and years of stored up memories and thoughts.....

....you get a lot of thinking done.


  1. true that.

    i lost my job 8 weeks into pregnancy.. did a lot of sitting. facebooking. reading. crying even. hang in there! the quiet will soon disapear! :)

  2. Love you girly. Keep your head up, and hopefully those thoughts are HAPPY thoughts! :D I know you may be tired of blogs, but I have a few good ones you may be interested in reading. :)

    Here is a great story:

    If you like it, click on the picture at the top of the screen to take you to her most recent stuff. Each entry is a story in the unique life of this amazing girl. It is always a great and wonderful read!

    Also, for some comic relief, I read this blog:


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