true love is...

... a husband who jumps out of bed at 2 am with his arms open to receive the screaming child that you cannot console.

...a baby who smiles a toothless grin when you gently touch his nose.

...the ability to function on less than 3 hours of sleep, and to still desperately adore the little baby who kept that sleep from you.

...a little family of 3.

...a God who gave up his only son, knowing that he would die a painfully brutal and undeserved death, just so that He could spend forever with me.


  1. hey. how do you get your fancy header.? the one that says "Wren's Wramblings" ?? i want a fancier one, dont know how...

  2. I made it! :) http://custombannercreation.blogspot.com


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