Cat Naps

Isaac doesn't take long naps.  Or sleep for long stretches at night.  That's what's going on right now.  I guess I was under the impression that babies started sleeping long as they got older, but that's not the case with my son. For awhile there he was sleeping 4-6 hour stretches when we first put him down at night.  But now, it's 3 hours (if I'm lucky) and then almost every hour after that throughout the night.  A few nights of this doesn't bother me that much, I am tired but I feel like I can deal with it.  But after 2 weeks of this, I'm starting to lose my mind.

I'm not a fan of the "cry-it-out" method.  For some reason the thought of that almost brings me to tears.  I can't stand to see Isaac cry...especially the desperate kind of crying.  I'm looking into the no-tears method of sleep training.  I wish I didn't have to train him at all, and maybe by the time I get the book and make up my mind to do it I won't have to, but at this point I feel ready to start researching the whole process.

Gotta go, I hear cooing sounds in the monitor.


  1. sorry wren! I am praying for you and your sanity and rest, as well as Isaac to just learn on his own to sleep better.
    I think at this point, he knows that when I cry, I get results. They are smart like that. So, hopefully you can find a good "no cry" way of getting him to sleep longer.
    I was like that with Jason, it made me crazy to hear my baby cry desperately and me sit back and do nothing. Maybe that's why he didn't sleep thru the night for so long. but, with Nikko, it's a different story. We have let him cry it out, and tho it wasn't fun, he sleeps much better now. but, I understand you not wanting to do it. and I pray for you to find a great alternative!

  2. i agree with cassie. it IS hard to hear your baby cry. we started the cry it out when Ethan hit 5 mths, because we were still getting up ALMOST every night. which made it worse. knowing full well that he was capable of sleeping all night...Ethan and i had tried the cry it out earlier on (when he was 4 mths) because thats when he showed that he was able to physically make it 6-8 hours without a bottle... so the first go round it failed. because i couldnt take it. laying in bed hearing him for 10 full minutes strait..But i realized that if i was exhausted all the time, i wasnt very effective as a mommy. and then id get even MORE frustrated at myself.

    It might not be what's best for your family, but if you want to read from a chrisitan perspective, there's a book called "on becoming baby-wise"... maybe youve heard of it, even if you wanted to skip the "cry it out" part of the book, it was really helpful for me to learn more about babies sleep patterns (being different than adults) it talks in detail about the nap cycles (considering isaac is taking shorter naps than you expected) and just really interesting background information about the cry-it-out information...

    i can understand if your flat out against it, it just might not be for you. because of course there is no one solution for all babies, But i just wanted to share, now, Ethan goes down for naps and bedtime without a peep, he knows the routine, he sometimes comes to ME and says night night time, and he can sleep from 7:30pm until 11 the next morning. Im praying for you! i hope you find a solution that works well for your little family and you can get rested up soon! A well rested mommy is a happy mommy!

  3. Thanks ladies :) You know, I could do the cry it out method, I'm sure, but it just doesn't feel right for me and Isaac. I'm really excited to try this no-cry solution, and see how it goes. It feels so good to have a plan in motion, and to know that I'm working towards a goal. He is also so very young still...

    I think it's our society. The first question people ask when they hear you have a new baby is , "is he sleeping through the night?" A lot of people have unrealistic expectations for babies when it comes to sleeping - babies don't have the same inner clock as adults do. It's funny, I posted that comment on facebook and almost everyone's response was that they let their baby cry it out. It's what a lot of parents do. I'm glad that their babies went through it and it worked for them and they now sleep wonderfully. I believe Isaac and I can get there without him crying it out. I do think it will take longer than CIO, but I'm ok with that.

    Thanks for your input ladies!


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