the booger man

Halloween!  One of my favorite holidays.  I'm usually the one who holds a party at my house filled with costumes, candy, and cupcakes, but I decided against it this year.  Isaac is just getting used to going to bed at the same time every night, and I don't feel like throwing a wrench into his already fragile sleep schedule.  I'm even going to keep the porch light off so we don't get a bunch of trick or treaters ringing the doorbell all night.  I must say that I will miss the festivities.  It'll be better next year, when Isaac is walking and (hopefully) sleeping better.  To all those going to parties or trick or treating, have a fun night!


  1. I didn't know this was one of your favorite holidays! ME TOO! :D I LOVE candy, and I LOVE dressing up. So for me, Halloween rocks. I'm glad your little guy is sleeping better for you! A tip: put a sign near your doorbell saying "please knock, baby sleeping" I had that for Jack, and it worked great during the day for the mailman, neighbors, and everyone else who finds "naptime" the best time to ring the bell. After a while the paper blew away, and people are back at it again. I need to make another note to hang out there.

    Have a great halloween Wren! I think we are gonna try to take the boys out on Sunday. I'll definitely share some pictures.

  2. Hey Wrrr.... isn't it funny how a little one can transform your yearly traditions... ah, learning to be selfless....

    We always go to Grandma's for Halloween to help pass out candy and stuff. Elijah roamed around her porch and kept emptying the candy bowls, throwing candy bars and squishing peanut butter cups. I guess 1 year olds just don't get it. Miss you!


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