Turn and face the strain

The last time I posted I was working on a "no cry" sleep solution with Isaac.  That proved to be unsuccessful.  In fact, it made him sleep less.  That said, I think it was helpful for me in a lot of ways.  It taught me a lot about how a baby sleeps, and also some new methods for soothing.  I also started keeping track of when Isaac sleeps, and that has been helpful.  We've been trying some other things that seem to be working, one of which is letting him cry a little.  A few times he has slept for 4 hours straight, which is a huge improvement.  The last couple nights have been rough for him, but I think that's because he had his second round of vaccinations on Friday.

At his 4 month check up his stats were : weight13 lbs 14 oz, height 25 3/4 inches, head circumference 16 inches.

I love autumn.  It's my favorite season.  I love seeing pumpkins everywhere.  I love the way the sun glistens through the trees that God has painted all different colors.  I love wearing sweaters, vests, jackets.  I love winter too, so I'm excited for that to get here soon!  I heard a rumor that we're going to have more snow this year than we did last year, so that's exciting.

Here's a few recent pictures of my little buddy.



  1. I love your adorable family and all the cute pictures of your little guy! Yay for a sling picture in the bathroom mirror... I have one too :) I also love this cooler weather! Wish we lived closer friend.

  2. GREAT pics wren... isnt it so fun learning things as a mommy? just when you think youve got something figured out.. new "phases"..new personality quirks... those little babies just rock your world huh.. i hope that you are getting more rest!... it gets better! I promise. Hopefully adjusting to letting him cry a little isnt too much of a struggle for you all. Love reading your updates.

    i . love. autumn. also. yahoo! babies look so so cute with a stocking cap on and so bundled that they look like marshmallows. :)


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