count your blessings instead of sheep

Daily Blessings:
1) Jesus.  Without him this life would be nothing, mean nothing, amount to nothing.  He died a terrible, horrible, gruesome, painful, lonely death to pay the penalty for my sin and the sins of the world.  Yes, I believe it!  He lives again, in me and through me.  He gives me strength when I have none, love when I feel unloved, peace when my world is chaos.

2) Andrew.  Who else would put up with me?  He loves me for who I am, accepts me, understands me.  He is a gift from God!

3) Isaac.  There is nothing like the look he gives me when Andrew brings him home from grandma's.  Big smile, the genuine kind that is rare to see these days.  Then his arms reach for me, and his smile and laugh turn into something desperate as if to say, "I missed you mom!  Pick me up NOW!"

The list goes on.  Friends, family, house, bed, car, food, fresh smelling laundry, pens that write smoothly, brightly colored leaves drifting lazily off of trees, the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, feel. Breath in my lungs.

I'm a pessimist.  It's easy for me to dwell on negative things, and my cup is always half empty instead of half full.  So I count my blessings.  That helps me remember all the good in my life so that when things are bad, I realize, they really aren't THAT bad.

Baby food update:  Isaac likes rice cereal, pears, and sweet potatoes.  In a few days I'll be introducing green beans.  Right now we are just feeding him solids so that he can practice eating them.  He doesn't need them.  Breast milk has all the nutrients he needs to grow healthy and strong for many more months.  He only eats solids at dinner time right now, and only a very small amount - probably an ounce.  In a little while I'll be able to give him solids at 2 meals, and then a little while after that, 3 meals.  For now, it's just a fun activity for Isaac, Mama, and Dad.

Today Isaac was on his tummy playing with his toys, when he put his head on the ground and stuck his butt up in the air!  Andrew looked at me with the biggest smile.  He'll be crawling before we know it.  I always tell him to take his time, I'm in no rush for him to grow up.


  1. He is so gorgeous! And what amazing blessings you have. I have some amazing ones too, and though you might be a "pessimist" you definitely brighten my day and are also a blessing to me! Happy THANKSGIVING Wren!

  2. Ethan loved sweet potatos so much i was afraid he would turn orange like an oompa loompa haha. :)


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