this is the new year

Cheers to 2010, the year that I became a mom and my whole world changed.  For the better.

Happy New Year!


Isaac's First Christmas

My baby boy is 7 months old today!  Can't believe we both survived this long :)  He's such a blessing to us!

Here are some pictures from Isaac's first Christmas!  He had (and still has) a bad cold that day, but he was a trooper and had lots of fun despite his runny nose and cough.

Sitting with his stocking.

Sitting w/ Andrew and Di in front of Grandma's Christmas tree, looking at the train.

He sat on dadda's lap while he opened presents.

Here he is opening his present from cousin Elijah!

He helped Grandma open her presents.

He hung out with Grandpa.

He watched Mama struggle to rip open his toy packaging...

He was a very chubby Santa :)


I'll be home for Christmas....if only in my dreams.

Where is home anyway?  It's not where it used to be.  It has never stayed in the same place for very long.  It's no longer in Apollo, PA, where I did a lot of my growing up.  It's not in the apartment where we lived in Temecula for 2 short years.  It's not in the secluded Fallbrook house, surrounded by avocado trees.  It's where he is, where they are, where we are.  My home is with my family, Andrew and Isaac.

But there is a little piece of my home in Pennsylvania where my sister and her family live, and where my brother lives.  Another piece is in Huntington Beach, where my parents live.  The other pieces are scattered.  Some in Murrieta and Temecula, and other parts of CA, others still in Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, and even Germany.  If it's true that home is really where the heart is, then my home is where my friends and family are.

I hear baby stirring from his nap.  Hope you all are able to have a little piece of home with you this Christmas.


sugar cookies

It wouldn't be Christmas time without sugar cookies!  Yesterday I wiped off the counter, poured on some flour, and made a huge mess rolling out dough.  It was fun.

The whole time I had a captive audience.

Can't believe that I can leave him sitting like this while I make cookies.

It's starting to really feel like Christmas around here.  Isaac watched A Charlie Brown Christmas with Daddy.

He also got his first real hair cut.

Lastly, some pictures of the Christmas goings-on around our house.


Baby Food and Blah, Blah, Blah

Something that I've been able to do for Isaac is make baby food.  It's so very easy, it can save money, and it's healthy!  I took some pictures so I can share how I did it.

Step One: 
Start with foods approved for young babies to eat.  I just typed "stage 1 homemade baby food" into Google and found this site - wholesomebabyfood.com .  It spells out what foods to use, how to pick good ones, how to prepare, cook, store, freeze, thaw, and serve.  Check it out!  I know that Isaac likes pears, so I started with those.  Peel and core, then chop up into small chunks.  Put in a small saucepan and add enough water to just cover the pears.  Bring to a boil, and cook on medium high until pears are nice and soft (which, with pears, they already were nice and soft, and you don't even need to cook them if they are very ripe, but I did anyway).

Step Two: Remove the pears from the water with a slotted spoon (don't drain, save the water in case you need to thin out the pear puree) and place in a food processor.  In this case, I'm using a baby food maker my sister gave me.  Then simply puree.  Add water as needed for thinning, or, if your baby is a little older, add cereal or oatmeal for thickening.

Step Three: Store!  I found these "baby cubes" on Amazon for pretty inexpensive.  They are 2 oz cubes.   You can freeze them, and they are dishwasher safe.

There you have it.  Other foods I've used are sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots.  Many foods don't even need to be cooked, as long as they are ripe.  You can refer to the wholesome baby food website above for more info about that.

Isaac talks.  That's right.  He says, "blah, blah, blah."  All the time.  It's cute.  He also says a lot of things that don't mean anything, like,"da, ba, hom" - the list goes on.  I love it.  At his 6 month check up he weighed 15.4 lbs and was 27.5 inches tall.

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