I'll be home for Christmas....if only in my dreams.

Where is home anyway?  It's not where it used to be.  It has never stayed in the same place for very long.  It's no longer in Apollo, PA, where I did a lot of my growing up.  It's not in the apartment where we lived in Temecula for 2 short years.  It's not in the secluded Fallbrook house, surrounded by avocado trees.  It's where he is, where they are, where we are.  My home is with my family, Andrew and Isaac.

But there is a little piece of my home in Pennsylvania where my sister and her family live, and where my brother lives.  Another piece is in Huntington Beach, where my parents live.  The other pieces are scattered.  Some in Murrieta and Temecula, and other parts of CA, others still in Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, and even Germany.  If it's true that home is really where the heart is, then my home is where my friends and family are.

I hear baby stirring from his nap.  Hope you all are able to have a little piece of home with you this Christmas.

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