Oh Pa!

I love the show Little House on the Prairie.  It is so wholesome!  A friend once told me I was prudish, and she was right.  So I like shows that don't have sex, foul language, and bloody violence.  If that makes me prudish, so be it!  Little House, as it is affectionately called by faithful viewers, might be void of raunchy things, but it is not void of action, emotion, fear, and real life situations.  Even Sawyer, on the television show Lost, watched Little House.  Here's a quote from the 2007 episode Lost: Tricia Tenaka is Dead:

Kate: We can start again, give each other a clean slate. 
Sawyer: [laughs] Slate. Like on 'Little House'? 
Kate: What? 
Sawyer: 'Little House on the Prairie'. Laura Ingalls used to write on a little chalkboard at school. 
Kate: [amused] You call it 'Little House'?

Today I turned on the Hallmark channel and found a sobbing Charles embracing a sobbing Albert.  Both of them were older, as was apparent from Charles' gray hair.  This particular show happened to be part 2 of the episodes about Albert becoming addicted to morphine.  I told you: action, emotion, fear, and real life situations.  I was crying as soon as I turned up the volume.  Everything in my life goes back to me having a son now.  Being a mom now.  Of course I was moved to tears as I watched Pa help his son through the drug withdrawals.  I'm happy to say that Albert pulled through!  Hooray!

In other news - can I do that in a single blog, switch topics?  I certainly won't stop now - Isaac is the cutest baby I've ever had the privilege to call my own.  We are struggling with naps, which makes night time sleep a struggle, too.  He takes his usual morning and early afternoon nap, but will not take a late afternoon nap.  So, he'll wake up around 2 after only sleeping for an hour, and then refuse to take another nap until he goes to sleep at 7.  5 hours.  I think this is a sign that it's time to transition him into 2 naps only.  The trick will be getting them to be spread further apart, and getting them to last longer.  Now his naps are usually only an hour (occasionally there is the 2 hour nap,  but that's a rarity), so that's why he takes three.  If I can get his naps to be consistently an hour and half to two hours, then I think they would be easier to spread apart.  Because naps aren't going well, nighttime sleep isn't going well.  All that I've read about baby's nighttime sleep, and all that I've gained for my 7 short months of motherhood, has shown that poor naps equals poor nighttime sleep. I'm pretty sure that's why Isaac has been going to sleep at 7 and waking up at 8:30, 10:00, midnight, 1:30, 4:00, and 6:30.   Either that or it's because he's growing.  Or teething.  Or ... ?


Friday's Easy Baby Food Recipe

....if you can even call it a recipe at all.  It's so easy, a caveman could do it.

I got it from The Baby Food Bible by Eileen Behan.

Apple and Pear Puree

1 apple, peeled, cored, and chopped into 1/2 inch cubes
1 pear, peeled, cored, and chopped into 1/2 inch cubes
1 tablespoon water (or juice, but I used water, because Isaac isn't going to be drinking juice for awhile)

(I used 2 apples and one pear, and upped the water to about a half a cup)

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 3 minutes.  The fruit should be soft and tender, but do not overcook, or it will disintegrate.  Drain the liquid and set it aside in case you need it for thinning out the puree.  Place the fruit in a food processor and puree to the consistency that you desire and is appropriate for your child's age.  I left it a little thicker and chunkier for Isaac, since he's been eating solids for a few months now.  I also added a sprinkle of cinnamon to one of the batches, to see how Isaac would like it.  He liked it a lot!  I was nervous, because some kids/people have been known to have severe allergic reactions to cinnamon.  Luckily, Isaac didn't seem to have any kind of adverse reaction.


teething and ear infection nightmares...

Isaac is teething.  Yes, I know that you already know that.  I just have to say it again.  Teething.  It sucks!  I feel so bad for the little guy.  I want to enjoy seeing his first tooth come through, but it's not a fun experience for him, so it's not a fun experience for me.  I try to feel the tooth because it's still tough to see (although it's easier to see then it was just a few days ago) but it is very sensitive, so every time I rub on it Isaac gives out a little, "eh, eh, eh."  Sorry buddy, I'm just so excited that you're getting a tooth!  We like to call it "ole' chomper."

In other news, I have an inner ear infection.  That's right.  I've missed an entire week of work (which, for me, is only three days, but still), barfed, had non-stop ringing in my ears for over a week, and am still battling dizziness. I must say, although I don't enjoy visiting the doctor's office, getting weighed, waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy, and putting drugs into my system, I am relieved that I'm not crazy.  I've had issues before and gone to the doctor only to find that "nothing is wrong with me."  In those situations I want to yell, "then why am I feeling this way???" In this instance it was nice to have something to validate the ringing in my ears and all the other aforementioned symptoms.  Ten days of antibiotics.  These pills are huge.  I'm thinking I should have asked for the liquid.

With the new year came new insurance.  I went to a new doctor today, and in March Isaac will see a new pediatrician.  Last year we had Kaiser.  I'd like to say something positive on Kaiser's behalf.  I've heard a lot of negative things about Kaiser facilities, doctors, etc.  When I first visited a Kaiser facility, it was to see an OBGYN because I was 17 weeks pregnant.  When they took my blood pressure, it was through the roof.  I had high blood pressure that day because I was so nervous.  Almost to the point of hyperventilation!  Why, you  might ask.  Because a lot of people I know who have/had Kaiser made it out to be a terrible place!  At the end of my appointment, my blood pressure was retaken, and it was back to it's normal, low reading.  From then on, I knew, first hand, that Kaiser was going to treat me well.  Fast forward past the countless doctor appointments, ultrasounds, pre-term contraction scares, and the delivery of my child, and you will find me more than pleased with my experience with Kaiser.  I must say that I felt very well taken care of, and I felt like my son was well taken care of, too.  I am thankful that with new insurance comes the ability for me and my family to see a doctor that is less than five minutes away from our house (with Kaiser it was 45 minutes, at least.)  I hope that the doctors we chose will be good fits for us, and that we will have a good experience in all of our medical interactions...just like we did with Kaiser.

I can see a lesson in this for me.  I need to stop allowing what people say about things (and others) influence how I feel about them - before I even have a chance to make the judgement myself!


Growing Up!

Isaac is growing and changing all the time!  It's pretty amazing to watch.  He can sit up on his own now, and he got his first tooth on January 10!  He has been drooling for the longest time now, almost as long as I can remember, and everyone kept saying, "it's because he's teething, it's because he's teething."  Well, it's not that I didn't believe them, but he drooled (and continues to drool) for months.  5  months.  I guess it's true that babies can teethe for months, and that's exactly what my little boy did.  The tooth is his lower front tooth on his left side.  If we were to give it a number (since I work in the dental world) it would be "o" as in octopus.  That's right, when kids have teeth they aren't numbered with numbers, they're numbered with letters.  It's very exciting!  It's hard to see because his tongue is constantly covering it, and every time I try to use my finger to hold back his tongue to get a good look at it, he tries to eat my finger.  Andrew grabbed a flash light and together we were able to hold him still for a few seconds to see it.  Hard to believe that he's already old enough for teeth!  I wonder when the other ones will make their appearances?  I'm not in any hurry for him to grow up, so those other teeth can feel free to take their time.

We experimented with finger foods yesterday, just to see how he would do.  So far avocados and bananas are a no-go.  He kept making terrible faces at me, and gagging/choking.  It was fun to try, and now I know that he's not ready.  We'll just keep making his pureed food a little thicker each time, and in a little while try to introduce some bigger pieces again.

My sister made me a "happy new year" cd mix, and the first song is Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up.  I never heard that song until I listened to the cd Crystal made me, and when I did, I cried.  I wish Isaac could stay this little, this innocent, this happy, this needy.....but I suppose that we all have to grow up sometime.


Blogpost App for iPhone

I just got this app for my iPhone, this is a test.

This is what the sunrise looked like this morning. I pulled off the road so that I could take a picture. I was late to work because I was taking this picture!

As lovely as this is, it still doesn't do the sunrise proper justice:

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