Growing Up!

Isaac is growing and changing all the time!  It's pretty amazing to watch.  He can sit up on his own now, and he got his first tooth on January 10!  He has been drooling for the longest time now, almost as long as I can remember, and everyone kept saying, "it's because he's teething, it's because he's teething."  Well, it's not that I didn't believe them, but he drooled (and continues to drool) for months.  5  months.  I guess it's true that babies can teethe for months, and that's exactly what my little boy did.  The tooth is his lower front tooth on his left side.  If we were to give it a number (since I work in the dental world) it would be "o" as in octopus.  That's right, when kids have teeth they aren't numbered with numbers, they're numbered with letters.  It's very exciting!  It's hard to see because his tongue is constantly covering it, and every time I try to use my finger to hold back his tongue to get a good look at it, he tries to eat my finger.  Andrew grabbed a flash light and together we were able to hold him still for a few seconds to see it.  Hard to believe that he's already old enough for teeth!  I wonder when the other ones will make their appearances?  I'm not in any hurry for him to grow up, so those other teeth can feel free to take their time.

We experimented with finger foods yesterday, just to see how he would do.  So far avocados and bananas are a no-go.  He kept making terrible faces at me, and gagging/choking.  It was fun to try, and now I know that he's not ready.  We'll just keep making his pureed food a little thicker each time, and in a little while try to introduce some bigger pieces again.

My sister made me a "happy new year" cd mix, and the first song is Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up.  I never heard that song until I listened to the cd Crystal made me, and when I did, I cried.  I wish Isaac could stay this little, this innocent, this happy, this needy.....but I suppose that we all have to grow up sometime.

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  1. It is SO amazing to watch these little boys grow and change. Ivan is 10.5 months old and he is running around all over the place. He is trying to repeat words to us and he is getting his fifth tooth in! I just cant believe it. My absolute favorite part of the day is when I give him his bottle right before bed time and he falls asleep in my arms. I love just holding him like that for a while and thinking back to when he was a newborn and wanted nothing more than for me to hold him. Now I cant keep him still long enough!


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