teething and ear infection nightmares...

Isaac is teething.  Yes, I know that you already know that.  I just have to say it again.  Teething.  It sucks!  I feel so bad for the little guy.  I want to enjoy seeing his first tooth come through, but it's not a fun experience for him, so it's not a fun experience for me.  I try to feel the tooth because it's still tough to see (although it's easier to see then it was just a few days ago) but it is very sensitive, so every time I rub on it Isaac gives out a little, "eh, eh, eh."  Sorry buddy, I'm just so excited that you're getting a tooth!  We like to call it "ole' chomper."

In other news, I have an inner ear infection.  That's right.  I've missed an entire week of work (which, for me, is only three days, but still), barfed, had non-stop ringing in my ears for over a week, and am still battling dizziness. I must say, although I don't enjoy visiting the doctor's office, getting weighed, waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy, and putting drugs into my system, I am relieved that I'm not crazy.  I've had issues before and gone to the doctor only to find that "nothing is wrong with me."  In those situations I want to yell, "then why am I feeling this way???" In this instance it was nice to have something to validate the ringing in my ears and all the other aforementioned symptoms.  Ten days of antibiotics.  These pills are huge.  I'm thinking I should have asked for the liquid.

With the new year came new insurance.  I went to a new doctor today, and in March Isaac will see a new pediatrician.  Last year we had Kaiser.  I'd like to say something positive on Kaiser's behalf.  I've heard a lot of negative things about Kaiser facilities, doctors, etc.  When I first visited a Kaiser facility, it was to see an OBGYN because I was 17 weeks pregnant.  When they took my blood pressure, it was through the roof.  I had high blood pressure that day because I was so nervous.  Almost to the point of hyperventilation!  Why, you  might ask.  Because a lot of people I know who have/had Kaiser made it out to be a terrible place!  At the end of my appointment, my blood pressure was retaken, and it was back to it's normal, low reading.  From then on, I knew, first hand, that Kaiser was going to treat me well.  Fast forward past the countless doctor appointments, ultrasounds, pre-term contraction scares, and the delivery of my child, and you will find me more than pleased with my experience with Kaiser.  I must say that I felt very well taken care of, and I felt like my son was well taken care of, too.  I am thankful that with new insurance comes the ability for me and my family to see a doctor that is less than five minutes away from our house (with Kaiser it was 45 minutes, at least.)  I hope that the doctors we chose will be good fits for us, and that we will have a good experience in all of our medical interactions...just like we did with Kaiser.

I can see a lesson in this for me.  I need to stop allowing what people say about things (and others) influence how I feel about them - before I even have a chance to make the judgement myself!

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  1. ugh!!! so many poo poo-ey things all at once! I pray everyone feels better! <3


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