Happy Birthday Isaac

It seems only fitting that the day my baby turns one, he wakes up at 4:30 am.  If he were older, he might have been dreaming about presents, just as excited as he would be if it were Christmas morning, and maybe that would be what woke him up so early.  Since he's only 1, however, I'm pretty sure that the idea of presents isn't one that he can grasp yet.  So, I wonder what woke him this morning.  Possibly a bad dream, a full diaper, a stomach ache, tooth pain.  Personally, I'd like to think that he just wanted to see me, and that he couldn't wait until his customary 6:30.

This past Saturday we celebrated Isaac's birthday with a party.  The guest list included lots of his friends.  We had a time for presents and a time for Isaac to take his first bite of cake.  He didn't dive into it, but I think he liked it.  He received lots of wonderful gifts.  Although we were fortunate to have his Oregon family and friends at the party, we sorely missed the Comptons and the Furmans.  It is my prayer that one day we can all celebrate birthdays together - Oregonians, Californians, and Pennsylvanians alike.  

Dear Isaac,
Happy Birthday baby!  You are an absolute treasure to me, to your dad, and to the rest of your family.  You brighten up the room with your smile, and by extension, our hearts.  Thank you for your sweet disposition.  Thank you for the way you grab both sides of my face and try to bite me.  To others it might seem like abuse, but I know that's just your way of saying "I love you."  Our first year was a tough one, but we got through it.  It was worth it.  My prayer is that you will grow to be healthy and happy, but most of all that you will meet Jesus and begin a life long journey of knowing and loving Him more and more each day.  There will be hardships in your life; this world can be cold and sometimes downright miserable.  Through it all, I hope you discover that relying on God's love and strength will help you press on.  Don't forget that your dad and I will be here for you.  I'm excited to see you take your first real steps in this life.  I can't wait to be there waiting to help you take            
more.  Thank you for letting me be your earthly mother.
Each day I lean on the strength of your Father in heaven to help me steer you in the right direction.
            I will do my best to be worthy of the cause.

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