WOTW days 4 and 5 (updated!)

Today is a beautiful day in St. Helens Oregon!  I can't remember the last time it was this warm.  A year ago, I guess.  Our winter and spring have been terrible...so it's nice to see the sun and smell freshly cut grass. Not to mention that it's yard sale season (although people call them "garage sales" here - even if there is no garage in sight) and that makes me happy!  I've already found an umbrella stroller, toys, books, and my friend who was having a "garage" sale gave me a bench for free!  It needs a little TLC, but it was hand made and it has loads of character.

Yesterday was day 4 of WOTW!  Isaac and I walked down our big hill and back up again.  Normally I only walk halfway down, but yesterday we went the whole way.  I never knew there was a protected wetland right here in my neighborhood.  The sign is kind of washed out, but that's what it says!

Last night Isaac stayed up until 8 o'clock with us.  He was sitting on dad's lap, and then leaning on dad's arm. He kept rubbing his eyes and staring into space.  He posed for a few cute pictures.

Isaac is napping right now, but as soon as he gets up, we'll make some plans for walking.  Today I need to walk at least 20 minutes.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Update: I went to a park in Scappoose with my friend Cassie and Isaac's friends Nikko and Jason.  We walked around the baseball fields/park twice.  Here are some pictures of the friends playing!


  1. aw! cute pictures! thanks for adding us to your blog :) It was a fun afternoon. Let's do it again soon! (we are always up for walks, as long as it's not raining - sorry!)


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