10 minute pilates

Do you have ten minutes? Sometimes it doesn't seem like it.  Now that Isaac and I have gotten into a groove with his sleeping patterns, I have some time in the evenings that might be called "down time."  I usually use this time to neglect the dishes and watch copious amounts of TV.

Tonight I was feeling extremely sluggish and out of shape, especially since I'm still getting over that mystery illness.  I decided to look at the ten minute pilates on Netflix that my sister told me about.  It's neat because you can choose to do specific ten minute segments (abs, arms, legs, burn, stress reducer), or you can do all five.  Tonight I chose to do ten minutes of abs.  It might not seem like much, but I really feel it now (and not just abs, my entire body.)

I'd like to say that it's something I can do everyday, but I think I'll just say, for now, that I'll try to do it as often as I can.  That and walking, and I might just get somewhere.  If you have netflix, use your xbox or go online and check out the streaming work out videos.  There are lots!

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