Isaac's first word was Dada.  He loves his dad so much!  And with good reason - he has an amazing dad.

I often get sucked in to the teen pregnancy shows on MTV.  16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, etc.  I always find myself yelling at the so called "dads" in those shows.  They are selfish, mean, hurtful, and down right stupid.  I have to remember that they are teenagers, and I was once that way.  The other night I was watching a particularly frustrating one.  When it was done, I went into the office and kissed my husband.

"Thank you for being a good dad," I said.
He smiled and said, "watching more teen pregnancy shows?"

I want to thank my husband for doing things as a dad that are sometimes impossible for me as a mom.  He is able to be patient when I'm trying to rush things, understanding when I tend to jump to the worst possible conclusion, energetic when I'm exhausted, positive when I'm negative, and giving when I'm completely selfish.

I feel lucky to have him.  Beyond lucky.  Absolutely blessed!  Happy Father's Day!

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