down in the dumps: a diaper story

I don't mind changing diapers - really.  I get a little sick of it when it's the 4th or 5th poopy diaper of the day, but normally I'm totally fine with it.

Unless of course the child completely refuses.  Right now, that's what my child is doing.

Squirming, flipping over, arching his back, and refusing to let me 1) take off the dirty diaper 2) clean the diaper area 3) put a new diaper on.

It's been a few weeks like this.  The doctor said he might begin to "resist" diaper changes.  Hah!  He down right refuses!  Just a few minutes ago he smelled funky so I knew he needed a diaper change.  My heart sunk.  By now I know the routine.  I lay him down and he's ok for a second until I reach to take off the dirty diaper.  I try to distract him.  Just now I found my old Game Boy and gave it to him.  He watched it while it lit up, all the while squirming and twisting and flipping over onto his back.  I try to change him while he's standing, while he's crawling away, while he's rolling.  I try to change him on my bed, on the floor, on the table, anywhere!  Nothing works.

When my husband is home we try to double team it.  That works maybe 20% of the time.  It's come to me actually pinning him down with my left forearm while I wipe as quickly as possible and haphazardly stick the sides on the front.

At the doctor's recommendation, I've been rinsing off his bottom in the sink (he tends to be rashy, and she said this could help.)  That takes care of the "clean the diaper area" part, but there are still the 2 other parts of the equation that I have to get to.

I neglected to mention, too, that he doesn't just flip and squirm and refuse.  He screams.  He cries.  Then he starts coughing (he always does this when he gets upset.)  The whole things turns into a scene and I'm left frustrated with poop on at least one of my hands, if not both, and a very upset child.

A few minutes ago we went through it.  I took the advice of someone online and asked Isaac, "may I change your diaper?"  He didn't protest so we started with the shenanigans.  I actually got up in mid diaper (I had managed to force the dirty one off, clean the area and got the new one half way on), closed the nursery door, and stepped outside for a second.  I heard Isaac crying.  I took a few deep breaths of the muggy morning air and closed my eyes.

This too shall pass.  This too shall pass.

I came back and opened the nursery door, a little more prepared to be patient and understanding.  He was standing at the door, huge crocodile tears dripping down his cheeks.  He smiled at me as if to say, "you didn't abandon me."  I fastened the other side of the diaper while he was standing, and then picked him up.  I gave him his pacifier and lovey, and put him in his crib.  He's sleeping now.

Oh the drama!

I pray each night that God would mold me, change me, give me His heart.  No one is as patient as He is, no one as understanding.  I want to feel the love for Isaac that God feels for me.  I want to be selfless.  Kind.  Quick to pick up and hug.  Forgive and forget.  Press on.  I keep praying.  And waiting.


  1. i never realized the extent of God's love for me until I had Elijah. Not that I fully understand it now, just that I have a new perspective into it. Imagine all the times he tries to "change" us and clean us up and we squirm, fight and cry the entire time. He is so patient. I guess my only advice is that this phase will eventually be over. Just don't expect it to go smoothly and one day your little guy will totally surprise you and lay there like an angel.

  2. Oh man, I hear ya girl! Raising kids sure isn't always easy, but thankfully we have God to help us. There are some days that I just have to walk away for a bit; especially with J, but somehow, God always gives me peace and I return :) Hang in there; you can do this; he will get better - and if not - he will be potty trained one day and then no more diapers. :)


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