If that's what you're into...

I've read a few blogs where people have posted what they are doing right now.  I thought it might be fun!  Here goes!

What am I....

....reading right now?  The Nanny Diaries.  It's pretty funny.  There is the occasional swear word I could do without, but other than that, it's a good book.  I'm also reading Codependent No more.

...listening to right now?  A lot of Death Cab for Cutie's newest: Codes and Keys.  I love them so!  I've also been sampling Owl City's latest All Things Bright and Beautiful, Coldplay's new singles, and a song called Price Tag by Jessie J.

...watching right now?  Little House on the Prairie (although I'm frustrated with Hallmark because they don't play them in order!) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anything on HGTV, and reruns of Parks and Rec!  I miss it so!

...eating right now?  I just ate a couple spoonfuls of brownie chocolate ice cream.  I'm not supposed to because I'm weight watchers.  But you know what they say, eat whatever you want, just count it!  And then, stay within your points, of course.  I've been trying to eat lots of fruit (zero points!) and things that will keep me fuller longer, like protein, healthy oils, veggies, things like that.

Let's make a list for Isaac!

What is he....

....reading right now?  He loves this book Grammie sent us, it's a sesame street one called "what's that sound?"  It's a soft book, and there are buttons to push on each page.  A rubber duckie, a bug, a cow, a bus, a ball, all these things that make noise.  He likes it a lot.  He also likes this little chunky opposites book.  Happy, Sad, Big, Small, Short, Tall...he will pick it up and give it to you as if to say, "read it again!"

...listening to right now? Whatever mom or dad is!

...watching right now?  Although I try to limit tv, we do watch some in the morning.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso, and sometimes Jake and the Neverland Pirates (not my favorite!)

...eating right now?  Well....he eats whatever we eat mostly, but in small, small portions.  We keep trying to get him to eat more, and he keeps eating about the same amount.  He's growing and thriving, so I try not to worry, but I am a mom after all.  I actually bought that ice cream for him!

Isaac also says "hi" and waves at everyone and everything.  He sleeps through the night and does good with two naps a day (mostly).  He bounces up and down and back and forth and side to side....I can't tell if he's dancing or just doing it because he's happy.  He is good at sharing, always giving me and his dad the toy that he has.  We always say "thank you" and sometimes I think he tries to say it too.  It comes out sounding something like "do dah", haha.

He's a fun little guy.

What are you into right now?

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