Skinny Minny

It seems I have a puny child.  He's been in the low percents for his weight ever since he was born.  Today at his doctor appointment his stats were:

Weight - 18.1 lbs     1%
Height - 29 in         21%
Head Circ 18.2 in   43%

According to his new doctor (who I like very much) his height and his head circumference are just fine and right on track.  She also asked me a lot of questions about his development, and he is doing wonderfully in that area.  She could tell from the way he was crawling all around the examination room, trying to open the door to escape from the examination room, and talking to the nurses outside the examination room that he's developing well.

We have a new plan for helping him get more calories into his system.  The doctor said she thinks the reason he's not gaining much weight is because of how busy he is.  He's burning more calories than he's taking in.  The idea is to give him a lot of time to eat, be very patient with him, and minimize distractions.  He won't be drinking formula until after he eats solid foods, and he'll be staying on formula until at least 15 months.

I hope that this plan helps him gain some weight so that he's got a little more meat on his bones.  Thankfully, even though he's a skinny guy, he is still very healthy and happy.  I'm also very happy, because I feel like I have a doctor who will work with me instead of make me feel worried.

Isaac had to have 2 shots and his blood drawn today.  He sat on my lap while they drew his blood, and I think that it was harder on me than on Isaac.  He cried, but he got over it quickly, and now he's sleeping peacefully.  The Phlebotomists were so wonderful and took great care of him.  They took the blood to check for anemia, lead, and vitamin D levels.  I didn't know that sometimes bright colored toys can contain lead.  He has a lot of those!  I'm sure the tests will come back just fine.


  1. Hey! I checked lije's stats... he was about the exact same size at nine months. FUnny how at that time, it's the 40%-50% and three months later it's the 1%?!?! strange. Anyway, he'll probably eventually have a spurt and turn into sumo baby! well, maybe not, but that would be funny! Miss you guys. Glad you like your Dr.!!

  2. Glad the appt went well and you are liking your Dr.
    Poor kid, and momma, he had to have his blood drawn. I can only imagine how that must have been for you both. :( Nikko had to have 5 shots. I wonder why the difference?? hm... I was so hesitant and unsure about giving him 5 at one time... but we prayed a lot before and after, and I felt relative peace about it.
    Sure is hard being a parent sometimes! You are doing great, Wren!!


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