soundtrack for picking berries

I forgot that you can still get sunburned through the clouds.  How could I forget that?  I'm not sunburned, although my face is a touch red and a bit sensitive from strawberry picking on a cloudy day with Kari, Ben, and Isaac.

Columbia Farms, U-pick berries.  Beautiful drive.  Big, open field.  The sky looks so much bigger when you're out in the middle of nowhere.  We crouched down low and dug into the strawberry bushes, hunting for ripe, juicy, pretty berries.  Isaac roamed up and down the rows, shoving anything remotely resembling a strawberry in his mouth....dirt and all.  He even ate the non-ripe ones.  At one point I looked at him to see streams of brown and red running down his chin.  I asked Kari, "does dirt have iron in it?"  She said, "yep."  I told Isaac, "eat away!"

Ben is a cutie.  He sat on the sidelines, very vocal, taking it all in.  His hair color has changed in the few short weeks since I've seen him.  He's a blondie!  Adorable.  Huge smiles.
All the while Kari and I talked.  We got distracted now and then by the babies, but we'd get back into it in no time.  How nice to have a friend who knows me.  Who gets me.  Who loves me despite my insecurities and fears.  It was refreshing and renewing.

I stopped when I had a box-lid full of berries.  I paid $10 for almost 8 pounds of berries.  Not bad.  I put some in the fridge for immediate eating, and the rest I cut up and put in the freezer.  Looks like smoothies will be on the menu this summer!


  1. Fun! I love your imagery Wren :0) I'm glad you had a blast :0) We all need friends like that!!!

  2. yummy! I love picking berries! (haven't done it since Japan). Glad Isaac got his iron in!!! Miss you!


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