I've been reading a blog about a girl who moved very far away to feed, clothe, help, pray for, and love little children.  She gives them medical attention, and holds them when they cry.  She's even gone so far as to adopt many of them as her own.  She does this all in Jesus' name.  I read her blog and I cry every time.  I feel so selfish and small and afraid when I read what she is doing.  I thank God for people like her.  People that He chooses and who are willing.

I notice that through all of her sacrifice and exhaustion, she has overflowing joy.  It's interesting.  I who am (too) well fed, have a car (two if you count my husbands), a big screen TV with more channels than I could ever watch, a warm bed, a cushy job, money, health....and the list goes on and on.....am not content.  I am down right unhappy most of the time.  I have joy knowing that I am a child of God and share a part of that inheritance, but most of the time the rest of the things I know about the world are so heavy that I get too bogged down to remember that inheritance.  I forget what Jesus did for me.  I forget about those people suffering and dying so that others might hear what He did for them.

I want to know God more.  I want to serve him.  I want to sacrifice for him and for others.  Not so that it gets noticed, but because it's what I'm called to do....and I believe it produces great joy.

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  1. I cry too. God is using her, in a brave and amazing way. He is using us too, but maybe differently. You're a wonderful woman Wren! Keep that open heart, and the Spirit will lead you! Maybe sometime we can go to Africa together and help Katie! :D


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