Up & Up

Things are looking better from where I sit.  I'm feeling better.  I don't feel great, but I'm making it.

I made sweet tea, dinner, and cookies tonight.  Three things I did, instead of NOT doing.  It's a start.  Tomorrow it's work.  I have to say I hate going back to work after being sick and missing days.  Everyone has always been more than understanding and welcoming, I just have this looming feeling of guilt because they had to be without me.  They always get by, someone always fills in, but it's hard knowing that I'm the reason that someone had to fill in and pick up my slack.  I have to get over that I guess.  They understand that I was sick and that's that.  I just wish I didn't get sick so much.  Someone once told me "that must just be your constitution in life."  Luckily that someone was my boss, and she understands.  I just wish that wasn't my constitution.

Today I went to Rite Aid and spent $1.50 on $9 worth of products!  Yay for coupons and receipts that print out for $5 off the next purchase.  For toiletries, Rite Aid really is the best place.  Wait for manufacturers coupons, wait for store sales and store coupons, and then stack them.  Also, use that register reward that printed out from your last visit. I haven't seen it personally yet, but I have some friends who have gotten many things for free or almost free.  I can't imagine shopping without coupons now.  What was I thinking paying full price for things before?  I am not a crazy couponing lady, but I do save a little bit.  That's worth it to me.

Summer, where are you?  I'm tired of this muggy-sometimes-rainy-sometimes-partly-sunny-then-hot-then-cold-unsure-weather.  Today it was overcast but it didn't rain.  I was sweating all day...hot inside my house with all the windows open.  I know we have insulation but I think the sun (or sun behind the clouds) beats down on our house all day and makes it hot, hot, hot inside.  I can't see us getting air conditioning for the two or three weeks of hot weather we get.....but those two or three weeks sure are miserable.  I'm ready for some sun though - miserable or not.  C'mon sun!  I need some freckles.


  1. OH gosh, I totally know how you feel now that I've been using coupons. It kills me to buy anything without them! I didn't have any Kleenex coupons, so I waited and waited...we totally ran out! I STILL didn't have any coupons so I finally broke down and bought more. LOL!

  2. Hey Gan! Glad you're starting to feel better. Miss you everyday. Love you.


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