Best Just to Forget Today

Last Independence Day I had a one month old.  It was a terrible, TERRIBLE day.  Today I have a 13 month old.  It was a terrible, TERRIBLE day.

The day wasn't all terrible, in fact it started off wonderfully.  The three of us made our way to Bridal Veil Falls.  We have a tradition of going somewhere, and we almost always find a new waterfall to marvel at.  Oregon really is beautiful, and I'm learning to be thankful that I live smack in the middle of all it's beauty.

Isaac didn't sleep on the way to the falls like I hoped he would.  When we got there, though, he was in good spirits.  We were there for an hour or so.  Half a mile to the falls, half a mile back.  I carried buddy on my back in the free baby carrier I got from evenflo.  It's not the easiest carrier to use, but once all the knots are tied and the baby is situated, it works well enough.

The hike was beautiful.  It was a perfect day.  Every shade of green all around us.  As we got closer we heard the roar of the falls getting louder and louder.  There were only a few people there, and they didn't stay very long, so we got right in and up to the water.  I don't think I could quite feel the spray, but it was a lot cooler up there by the rush of white.  As a group of ladies was leaving, one of them paused and asked me, "do you want me to take a picture of you before I go?"  I don't think anyone has ever asked me to take my picture with my camera - it's usually me asking someone to take it for us.  How very sweet.  She took a picture with my phone, waved and smiled at Isaac (who of course smiled and flirted right back), and was on her way.

We wanted to go to Blue Lake to eat the picnic lunch we brought, but decided against it when it was $10 a car to park there.  We stopped and got a sweet tea and a strawberry lemonade at McD's on the way home.  I hopped into the back seat so I could feed Isaac.  By this time he hadn't taken more than a 10 minute nap.  He also had eaten very little.  He thought it was the bees knees to have me in the backseat with him.  He stared at me, laughed, smiled, gawked.  I fed him a few pieces of a PB&J, and a teddy graham or two.  He was too excited and exhausted to eat.

We got home around two and all laid down for a nap.  I should have known....10 minutes later Isaac was yelling from his crib.  He wouldn't nap.  So, I got up and played with him.  He ate about a million grapes and then finally dad was able to put him to sleep around 4.

He awoke at 5:45 crying.  The crying did not stop till 6:15.  Until I put him to bed at 7:10 (he usually stays up till 8 but he was just so. very. tired) the crying was off and on.

The dog licked his finger.  He cried.

Dad closed the sliding glass door.  He cried.

I tried to change his diaper.  He cried.

At least he's sleeping now.  Let's pray that the fireworks don't wake him up.

Oh and did I mention that I have a dog who's terrified of fireworks?  She was in her kennel because she does best in there during the booming, but she peed in it.  So Andrew cleaned it out.  She's in our room in her kennel in the dark with a fan blowing on high.  Hope that works to drown out some sound.

If I could remember the good about today and forget the bad, life would be swell.  So I think I'll do just that.  Happy Birthday America.


  1. Oh dear! Babies can be so inconvenient at times. We went on vacation with my side of the family last year when my son was 13 months old-it was VERY hard. This year he was a little over two for the same trip and it was better. Maybe next year's fourth...?

  2. Cute pictures, Wren! The hike looks fun and very beautiful. It's cool you have a FREE backpack; glad it works, even tho it's not so easy to get on. Hope that Isaac didn't wake too much during the evening of fireworks.

  3. Thank you for your comments Cassie and Ashley! I'm happy to report that although I did not sleep a wink, my little guy slept soundly, even when the fireworks sounded like they were going off in my living room!


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