a good day

Today was weird.  Some things got under my skin.  The first was my little buddy.  He has been working on letting some top teeth push through the gums for a couple days now.  It must be so uncomfortable.  When it comes to teething, he's gotten past the feverish, waking up at night stage, and moved on to the don't-put-me-down-for-a-second-and-I-only-want-to-take-short-naps stage.  I tried hard not to let his clingy-ness get to me, but I failed a couple times.  We took a trip to the store and he did wonderfully.  With my son, I find that getting out of the house and getting busy really helps when he is having a cranky day.  He loves looking at people, things, animals, nature....anything moving and making noise or talking.

I usually lay down when he does for a morning nap on the days that I am home.  It helps me catch up on the sleep that I miss at night (not the best sleeper!)  Well, today, we both laid down at 9 am.  Of course, the neighbor starts banging around trash cans, a bird is chirping loudly, the dogs are barking.  I flip to my other side and hear a "bleep" from my phone that I forgot to silence.  I turn onto my back and the crack between the curtains shines right into my eyes.  I finally get to where I feel myself drifting and I hear buddy talking.  He's awake.  No nap for mama today.

The rest of the day is much the same.  I go way over my points for the day.  Nothing good came in the mail.  Money is tight.

But there are good things.  Buddy screams loudly and happily when dad walks through the door.  He eats an entire bowl of leftover spaghetti squash (chalk full of tomatoes, zuchinnis, and garlic) as well as a fruit cup and some of both mine and Andrew's corn on the cob.  A little victory - my son ate a lot of food!  He rarely does that.  I was so thankful and praised the heck out of him for it.

I was also able to get all the laundry done, get a package ready to put in the mail, and paint my finger nails.

It was a good day.

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  1. Hey all those veggies down the hatch is cause for celebration at my house! :)


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