Keep on Keepin' on

I gained weight this week!  .4 lbs to be exact.  Not much, I know.  I can gain that amount from drinking a glass of water.  But it was still disappointing.  I hope that instead of getting disappointed and quitting, I will be motivated to do better.  This past week was a hard one, so I wasn't that surprised when the scale went up.

We went to church again this week.  Isaac had another great time in the nursery.  He loves playing with other little cuties.  It's good for him, and it's good for me.  I'm slowly (turtle-like-slow) learning to trust him in the hands of strangers.  Not strangers, brothers and sisters in Christ that I don't happen to know.  It's still not extremely comfortable for me, but it's doable.  It will get easier.

The weather is finally beautiful here in the north west.  Not too hot, but warm.  80s and sunny.  We got Isaac a little plastic wading pool.  He doesn't like it.  He loves baths, but I think that's because the water is warm.  The pool water was just too cold for him, even after we mixed in a few pitchers of hot water.  He did enjoy crawling around in the dirt afterwards and getting his swimming trunks all muddy.  He also enjoyed the luke warm bath I gave him in the house.

He has 6 teeth now!  Growing quickly....

On this lovely Sunday I'll leave you with a picture of me and my friend Miranda.  I hope that this week brings joy to you all!

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  1. ugh! i've been off line with weight watchers for a month now. I've gained 3-5 lbs i think. time to refocus! summer is so hard. . .


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