Neighborhood Kitten

Isaac made a new feline friend today, much to the chagrin of our cat, Ginny.  It's her own fault for running away every time Isaac tries to pull her whiskers and tail.

Isaac and I stepped outside to see what Andrew was doing in the garage and we heard a pathetic sounding "meow" coming from our neighbor's house across the street.  After a few minutes of searching, we finally spotted a little cat underneath the car in our neighbor's driveway.  I mimicked her meowing and pretty soon she came trotting over to investigate.

Very sweet, black w/ calico patches and one tan foot (all the others black), the little kitten started circling my feet.  I put Isaac down and he was all smiles, reaching for her.  She let him grab her, push against her to stand up, yell in her face, and pound on her back.  She laid down and rolled onto her back, apparently loving the attention.  All the while Ginny watched jealously from the windowsill inside our house.  Again, I don't feel bad for her.  If she wanted, she could have 12 hours of undivided attention from the youngest member of the family.

We went outside a little later to run an errand and she was there, sleeping in the shade of the tree in our front yard.  When we came back from the errand she emerged from under a nearby car to greet us.  I don't know if she's someone's, and I hope that if she is she goes home soon; surely some family is missing their adorable, affectionate cat.  If she doesn't have a family, though, she's welcome to sleep in the shade of our tree anytime.


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