The lights are out.
The dogs and cat away.
The baby's eyelids fluttering with dreams.
Husband close beside.

Peace wraps itself around me in the form of a faux down comforter.

My heart is loud, beating in the center.  I hear it in my ears, feel it in my stomach.

Fans purr and drown out foreign noise.  

Nothing to do.
Nowhere to be.
Nothing to pretend.
No one to care.

Quiet.  We're safe inside the arms of the One who never sleeps.  It's here that I face Him.  Here in this quiet I can almost hear Him.  Safety.  I pray for it earnestly.  My son.  My husband.  Our house.  Me.

Double curtains block out the long stretching daylight - but it's not dark enough.  Never dark enough.  With eyelids closed I can still see the light scratching it's way in.  Trying to wake me.  Trying to take me from my peace.  Bidding me "do. go. work. worry."

The world outside sleeps.  I silently wish for forever night. 


  1. Thanks! As a kid I wrote poetry all the time. I miss it! I'm going to fire it up again!


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