Walking Fool

Now that Isaac can walk, he wants to walk everywhere by himself.  We went to Costco with a friend on Saturday, and he walked all over the parking lot, climbed all over the carts, and squealed and squirmed every time I tried to pick him up.

Today I haven't been feeling so hot, I can't shake a headache.  But Isaac was so antsy inside, so I took him to the park.  He walked everywhere.  He walked over to the foul-mouthed teenagers dribbling basketballs.  He walked over to the slide and watched the little boys pretending to be Obi-Wan Kenobi slide down and climb back up again.  He tried to climb up the slide.  He climbed up the stairs. He meandered all over the grass that was sprinkled with little yellow flowers.  About a half an hour after we got there it started raining big, fat rain drops, so we had to go.  I'm glad we got out of the house for a little while.  I think it did wonders for my headache.

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  1. i love seeing him play at the park! Reminds me of my life here! Sounds like a brave, adventure-loving boy! Love you guys!


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