Caught a glimpse

Today I stayed with my great friend Kari's little guy, Benjamin.  I caught a *small* glimpse of what it might be like to be the mom of two boys.  Although, I don't think it's possible (except with adoption!) to have two children that are only 3 months apart.  Benny is a delight.  He was a little upset when his mama first left, but we went for a walk and he soon fell asleep.  I dreamed a little while I walked.  One baby on my back, one in the stroller I pushed in front of me.  "So," I thought, "this is a little what it's like."

In that moment, when both boys were very content to be walking around the block, it seemed like something I might be able to do.  Someday.

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  1. I think the 2nd baby just comes a little more naturally since you already know what to expect (kind of). Not that I can say from experience or anything. :) But life with the first baby was just so new and different; next time it won't be as much of a mystery. Love you guys!!


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