Isaac has Roseola!  I remember having it as a kid.

It's a scary virus, because the child has 3-7 days of high fever with no other symptoms (some kids have other symptoms, but mine did not.)  Last night, after days of fever and a fussy child, Isaac's fever just went away.  He was still tired and cranky and not happy, but he was cool.  Even when he woke up at 10:30 and cried till 11:15, he was cool.

This morning he played with dad, ate more breakfast than he had eaten in a long time, and let me change his poopy diaper without much complaint.  Things seemed pretty much back to normal.  Then I noticed some blotchiness around his temples and on his neck.  Upon further inspection (took him into some good light and stripped him down) it's obvious that he has a rash of small, red/white bumps scattered across his entire body, mostly on his chest/back.  He isn't scratching them at all, and as far as I'm concerned he doesn't even know they exist.

Kind of dark, but if you look closely, you can see little spots.  When he wakes up from his nap I'll get one with my real camera (not my phone.)  Just in case it ever happens to your little one, you can compare!  Although, they all probably slightly vary from child to child.

Playing in the cupboard!  First time in days he hasn't been following me around and not letting me put him down.

If you are a mom you can attest to the feeling of great relief you get when something that has had you boggled for a week suddenly becomes clear.  So THAT'S why he had a fever without any other symptoms.  I feel like I am able to breathe normally for the first time since Monday when this all started.  It's not strep throat, it's not some crazy internal thing we can't see.....it's Roseola, which is basically harmless.

Thank you God for answering our prayers.  Thank you for taking care of my favorite 15 month old.  Thank you for doctors, family, and friends who have been there.  Thank you for ibuprofen and luke-warm baths.  Thank you for giving me my energetic, boundary-testing toddler back.

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  1. Happy Day! It is amazing how having a name for something brings such relief, isn't it? Glad he is better. :)


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