Mr. Handsome and His Emergency Adventure

I had written for about 25 minutes when my post was accidentally deleted.  So many details down the drain.  It took me 2 days to come back to this and start again  

Isaac at home, before the hospital.  Lack of oxygen exhausted him.

This time I'm going to spare you the dramatic imagery, the long words, and the sentiment. Mostly.

I'm just going to say that last Monday Isaac was in the Emergency Room for 3 1/2 hours, and then stayed over night at the hospital for observation.

I took him to the Dr. because his breathing was abnormally fast.  Scary fast.  He was also snotting and coughing.  I was afraid, and my mother's intuition was telling me that something was very wrong.  We saw the Pediatrician who started with a Albuterol breathing treatment.  This brought Isaac's blood oxygen level up to 92% (it was originally at 88%, which is very low). 

After that he (we) was sent to the ER for another breathing treatment, monitoring, and a chest xray.  After his second breathing treatment and the ingestion of a liquid steroid, his blood O2 was back up to where it should be (100%). 

 The whole time we were there, all he wanted to do was sleep.  He was in respiratory distress, and he was working extremely hard to get enough oxygen.  Every time he managed to fall asleep, another doctor came in to listen to his chest, check his temp, check his pulse.  Poor guy.  It turns out he had a viral infection that is very common in little ones.  The term they use for it is bronchiolitis. 

That one night in the hospital felt a lot more like a week.  I slept a total of 15 minutes.  Isaac slept probably 6 broken hours.  He refused to sleep in the crib they provided for him, so he slept on the window bench with me.

He is well now.  Breathing fine and playing ferociously.  His angry cough and runny nose remind me of those 2 days - of our scary adventure.  Thank you, God, for the hospital.  Thank you for medication and monitoring systems and xrays and nurses and doctors and hospital food.  Thank you for insurance and the way that you always provide.  Thank you that Isaac and I went through this together.  I think it made us a little closer.  I feel like I can add one more thing to the list of things that only Isaac and I share.
Smiling again!

Home w/ his hospital teddy.

What's for dinner?
Thank you for his health, his fire, his smile.  Thank you for the way you take care of everything.


  1. Is there anything sweeter/sadder than him asleep in the hospital bed with his paci?? So precious. Praise God everything is fine. :)

  2. OHHHhh deleted posts are the WORST! So frustrating, i'm impressed that you even attempted to rewrite it. So happy Isaac is better, love the picture of him in the pan. :-)


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