I don't want you to have asthma

I've been in denial - for awhile.

My almost 2 year old son has been coughing every night since he was 6 months old.  Sometimes it last for a long time, over an hour.  Sometimes it is only 2 or 3 coughs and he's done.  We have had a couple nights of no coughing, but for the most part it is an every night event.  The only time he didn't cough for an extended amount of time was the week we took antibiotics for a double ear infection.

We've seen doctors about it, but we haven't seen specialists.  We've tried eliminating certain foods from his diet. We've done cod-liver oil, probiotics, homeopathic remedies.

And still we've been in the hospital, twice.  Once last November, and once this past weekend.  Anytime he gets anything that causes him to drip mucous in any amount, it happens.  Now, it doesn't always land us in the ER.  He's had a few colds that have just been miserable and then passed.  But it's the ones that get into his chest that cause the problem.

Small airway+small lungs+lots of mucous = reactive airway disease, bronchiolitis, RSV, viral pneumonia....you name it.  They never know exactly what it is.  The doctor explained that a lot of those things look exactly the same on an xray.  Top all that off with what they think he has - asthma - and it can turn into a deadly situation.  Fast.

Asthma.  No.  I don't want to hear it.  How many times have I heard all the negative, long term effects of inhalers?  How can he have weak lungs when he's related to me?  Andrew and I don't have it, so why does he?

At our last visit to the hospital (2 days ago), we saw a total of 6 doctors.  They all hear things a little different, and have slightly differing opinions on most things.  The one thing they all agreed upon was this: as a little kid, Isaac needs to be able to run around, play, and enjoy life, without having to worry about being hospitalized for breathing problems.

When they put it that way, I get it.  I agree.  I'm on board.  I don't want to keep him inside because it's a little on the cooler side and he might start coughing.  I don't want to keep him from running and playing because he might start wheezing.  If an inhaler can help him live his life, and live it well, who am I to object?

I'm looking forward to seeing a specialist about this.  He'll be able to tell us his professional opinion, help us make an action plan, and hopefully keep him safe from anymore visits to the ER for respiratory problems.

And if he has something, I guess it's good that it has a name.  That way we can take care of it.

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