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The majority of my family lives in California.  In February the 4 of us packed the Pilot full (so full we couldn't see out the back window) and drove to Bakersfield, where we crashed at a good friend's house on our way to southern California.  My husband came with us, but he could only stay for a week as he had to come back to work.  The trip was a total of 20 days.  14 of those days were without dad.  Although I had lots of family around, it was still tough to be a "single" mom those few weeks.  The toughest part was when Isaac got sick.

It started when we were visiting my aunt, and Isaac was outside playing with some friendly neighbor kids.  He was having a wonderful time playing tag and football with them.  After about 15 minutes, I noticed that he was slowing down.  He was short of breath.  At one point he fell down happily on the grass and stayed there for too long.  He picked himself up again and kept running, slowly, after his new friends.  I decided it was time to go.

My biggest mistake was not having his emergency inhaler with us at my aunt's house.  It was 20 minutes away, at my grandma's.  I've never had to use his inhaler for only physical activity before, so I wasn't prepared.  He started coughing and talking funny.  We got into the car and he started wheezing.  He started saying, "I can't...I can't...."  He couldn't breathe!  My heart was in my throat and tears were in my eyes as I sped back to my grandma's house.  I stepped inside and said, "Isaac's having an asthma attack."  Gram was so great, she said, "what can I do?" and immediately attended to my 7 month old daughter, who I brought in still in her car seat.  The emergency inhaler helped very quickly.  After 4 puffs every 15 minutes for an hour, his breathing has slowed considerably, and he wasn't wheezing anymore.

I thought that was the end of it.  2 days later, however, his nose started running, and then he woke up barfing, and then, etc, etc (see last post if you don't know what happens next).....

Isaac's doctor told me to email him anytime Isaac has an asthma attack.  I emailed him and told him about the attack with the physical activity, too, since that was something new.  The doctor recommended I start him on another medication, a daily chewable to further help in the prevention of asthma attacks. My stomach hurt when I heard this.  Another medication?  I already feel like we're running a pharmacy at my house!  But honestly, what else could I do?

Isaac's doctor also recommended that we go see a specialist.  So we did.  The specialist was a delight, and I was told that he used to be the "chief of asthma at this location, but he recently stepped down so he could have a life."  He asked me all about our heating system at home, do we have carpet? do we have dogs? cats? what makes the asthma worse? better? how long has he had it? how long does it last? how many times has he taken oral steroids in the last year?

Isaac was skin tested for food and animal allergies.  He tested positive to all except cats (so all that chasing the cat, grabbing the cat and rubbing his face into the cat can continue!)  The allergies include: mites, dogs, milk, eggs, soy, and corn.  We got instructions to get mattress and pillow protectors for the mites, and to wash his bedding in hot water once a week.  The dogs don't go into his room.  We are to keep him milk, egg, soy, and corn free for 2 weeks.  Since the skin tests are only 25% accurate, there is no way to know if the food is seriously affecting him unless we take it away completely for a time, and then add the foods back in, one by one, and see how he does.

I decided, even though he didn't test sensitive to wheat, to exclude gluten from his diet for a time, too.  After all is said and done I'll probably keep him off dairy and gluten for a long time anyway, as these foods, if he's not processing them correctly, could be contributing to his breathing, growth, and hyper activity problems.  (not to mention his picky eating)

 So, that's where we are, a few days into the "Isaac diet."  Today we went to Bob's Red Mill and stocked up on alternative flours and baking mixes.  It is my hope that I will find the secret to success with a few recipes so that I can share them with you.

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  1. I know this are tough times for you Wren. Keep your head up and know that God is in control! I will be praying for your little man! <3


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