Good News. Bad News.

This past week has been difficult.  I have been sick with a cold/flu thing, and Paige has been fussy and warm, which makes me think she has it too.  She's also got red, sore gums.  Isaac, although seemingly well, has been very toddler-ish and not eating much because he's sick of all the same old foods. 

In the midst of a hard week, I got some good news.  Isaac went to the allergist for a follow up yesterday.  It had been 4 weeks since he has allergy testing, and 4 weeks since we started his food sensitivity diet.  He gained 1.5 pounds, and grew 1/4 inch!  In 4 weeks!  Hallelujah!

All those days/meals of struggle paid off!

Last night Isaac spent the night at Grandma's.  When I dropped him off he was in great spirits.  But the bad news is that Grandma called my husband at 5 am saying that Isaac had been up all night with a fever.  He came home early this morning, warm, disoriented, and cranky.  His breathing wasn't fast, but it was faster than normal.  I gave him 2 puffs of his emergency inhaler on top of his daily treatment.  He's been sleeping for almost 3 hours now, and I hope that when he wakes his breathing isn't any worse.  It's different when Isaac gets sick.  It's almost always an emergency.  I hope that with this new diet in place, his system will work better to fight off these bugs.  Maybe it will be a normal sickness, instead of an emergency.  I've been praying.

We are going to try to re-introduce corn this week, in the form of corn chips.  We will have Isaac eat a serving of corn chips for 3 days, and watch him for respiratory or GI changes.  If, after 3 days, he seems to have no negative changes with the corn, then he is free to eat it whenever. 

I'm thankful that in the midst of a rough week (and the roughness isn't over) that we got some good news.  It helps a little.

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