Hold your breath!

Yesterday Isaac's fever got up to 102.8.  His nose was stuffed and he was breathing through his mouth all day.  He was clingy, whiny, and miserable.  Last night when he went to sleep I caught myself holding my breath.  I was waiting for him to wake up wheezing.  I was envisioning late night emergency inhalers, and a possible visit to the emergency room.

Can you imagine my delight, joy, and gratitude when he was still sleeping at 7:30 this morning?  I didn't hear a peep out of him all night.  When he woke up he was warm to the touch, but the thermometer read 98.6.  

He slept through the night.

He didn't wake up barfing ropes of mucous.

He didn't wheeze.

I can't emphasize how truly extraordinary this is.  He had a "normal" sickness. 

A stuffy nose didn't lead to an asthma attack!  I will admit that I did a few precautionary puffs of his new (lower dose) emergency inhaler.  Normally, though, those precautionary puffs do little to nothing.  This time, 4 puffs from an inhaler seemed enough to keep his airway open and keep him breathing normally.  

Was it just the puffs though?   I think not!

Daily singulair helped, I know it.  But that's not all.

Weeks of keeping his body free of foods he is sensitive to...I'm sure that had something to do with it.  A LOT to do with it.

I'm surprised, astonished, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  As my best friend put it (without whose help I wouldn't have even known where to start this whole process), "I'd say you're onto something."

Thanks God.

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