Just as he is

Isaac has been eating some gluten.  Mostly because I've been lazy, and weak.  I give in.  Packaged things are so easy - and he eats them!  BUT, I also introduced it again on purpose...to see how it would go.

It has been a few weeks and things were going ok.  I lie to myself and say that gluten doesn't change him.  It doesn't change Isaac's behavior, sleeping, mood, asthma, anything.  He's fine, right?  My gut is telling me another story, "it's not good for him."

And since I'm mom, and with him 90% of my day, I am able to watch him, observe, investigate.  And this is what I've noticed:

gluten and sugar are not good for him.

There.  I said it.  Maybe because I said it to the 2 of you who faithfully read my blog, it'll be easier not to give it to him.  You'll be my accountability.

No, it'll be hard.  It's hard.  It's SO hard.  It's so hard that I've cried.  There are days when I don't want to get out of bed, because it's like pulling teeth to get my son to eat anything that's not pizza or chicken nuggets.  People tell me that kids are adaptable.  Those people haven't met Isaac.

I'm working on loving him just as he is.  He's sweet.  He's intelligent.  He's cute and hilarious.  But he's also very stubborn, impatient, emotional, and he is a truly picky eater.  I need to take the good with the bad, be a good example, and change MYSELF to be more compassionate, have more patience, put more work into it, and pray a lot more.  


  1. Oh I hope he grows out of being a picky eater!!

    I know it's expensive, but have you tried the Udi's Gluten Free pizza? I'm just curious if he likes it or not. . . I haven't tried it yet. But I have made my own pizza with the GF pizza crust mix. it was really good!

    1. I haven't tried the Udi's, but I've made gluten free pizza crust from the Bob's Red Mill mix in the past. I've got to give it another try. Isaac is so picky that he'll eat Tostino's (gross!) frozen pizzas but not homemade! Same with homemade chicken nuggets! Ugh. But I can't give up, and I have to try other recipes.

  2. it. is. so. hard.

    crying right along side you. We are having to re-train our brains that we are living to eat, not eating to live. Still mess up sometimes. I noticed that sugar does the same for Ethan ( :'( ) ... along with gluten dairy and corn which we already knew. Stay strong!


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