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Some things seem impossible.  Like, "that could never happen to me." Or, "that would never work!"  I get my hopes up about things and then I catch myself, almost certain that getting my hopes up only means they will soon be dashed.

Shame on me!  Do I not serve a God who can make the impossible reality?  I'm so forgetful, like those Israelites I was just reading about it Leviticus.  They were there to see, with their own eyes, God's wonders in Egypt.  Then, after he set them free from slavery by incredible means, they saw his wonders and felt his provision for them in the desert.  They were hungry, so God made it RAIN BREAD from the sky.  They were sick of bread and wanted meat, so God gave them quail that was not only abundant, it was actually piled up many feet high all around them and extending out in all directions.  They were thirsty, so God gave them water from a rock.

And still.  They complained.  They doubted.  They down right disobeyed.

All the while I'm reading about them, shaking my head.  Scoffing.  Thinking, "they are so stupid!  Did they not just see the freaking RED SEA part and walk across to safety on dry land??!  Did they not watch the ground open up and swallow those men (and all of their family members) who disobeyed God?!  I would have listened!  I would have been in awe!  I would have NEVER done that!"
Val Kilmer is definitely my favorite Moses. (Prince of Egypt!)

Riiiiight.  As if I don't do that EVERY day!  I see God's hand in my life, his blessings, his miracles.  Sure, I'm not looking up at the sky to follow a pillar of fire in the direction I'm supposed to go, but God works in my life in ways that I am able to see, feel, and hold.  And when those miracles happen, those prayers are answered (even if differently than I prayed for!), when illness is healed, when bills are paid....I still disobey.  I forget.  I complain.  I don't read my Bible or pray.  I don't give thanks.  And I definitely don't do what I'm supposed to.

Reading about the Israelites sinning again and again, I found that Moses always begged God to forgive the people who sinned.  And God did.  Many times he didn't smite them, even though he wanted to.  (if you think that makes God mean, please read through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy to see how many time he actually spared them.)  Now, it's Jesus going to bat for me.  He paid the cost of my sin so that I would be forgiven for all these times I forget the amazing things God has done for me and turn away.

The next time I feel like something is impossible, I'll open up my Bible and read the story of Moses, and how God used him to deliver the Israelites from slavery.  

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