It smells in here! (if poo grosses you out, don't read!)

I've been trying to potty train Isaac.  Oh, excuse me.  We're not supposed to say "train."  It's potty "learning."  Ahem.

Sometimes reading books and websites for parenting advice can be wonderful.  There are lots of things I would never have thought of if I haven't read about them in a book.  But sometimes, I think I read too much.  Sometimes I just need to go with my instincts.  I read (hahaha, yes read) in a magazine that often times dads make better stay-at-homers, because they go with their guts, don't ask others for parenting advice, allow the kids to do riskier things than mom would, and have a lot more fun doing it all.  Maybe I could take a lesson from the dads of the world.

Isaac is having a tough time learning to be diaper free.  I wonder what I'm doing wrong.  I have this book that I got at a yard sale for 0.25 that is all about potty learning.  I read the first 30 pages or so, and then looked in the glossary for quick answers to the "problems" we're having.  Constipation.  Down right refusal to poo in the potty.

We've been at it for about 3 weeks now.  He does great when it comes to peeing in the potty.  Sometimes he'll even wake up from a nap with a completely dry diaper.  He's getting it.  But when it comes to poo....it's like he's afraid.  He's done it twice, but won't anymore.  He even held it for 4 days!  At that point he was constipated, it hurt, I had to use a suppository, he was traumatized....

....all things kind of negative around an area that already seems sensitive for him: pooing in the potty.  

I've looked at the potty learning book sitting on my kitchen counter 100 times.  I can't, however, bring myself to pick it up.  This feels different.  This feels like something I need to slow down, observe, and understand for myself.  I actually believe that the PhD who wrote the book knows what she's talking about, and maybe after I've tried a few things on my own I'll be able to go back to the book for tips, but this particular PhD doesn't know my particular child, who happens to be particularly picky, sensitive, and stubborn.  So, I think I'll do my own investigative parenting for now.

I think that I need to start over.  I think that he needs to wear diapers for a little while longer.  He needs to get back into the habit of regular pooing, and then we can start over.  Try and introduce it another way.  Because, at this point, even the promise of ice cream, fresh baked cookies, and a remote control car that is sitting on top of the refrigerator hasn't even persuaded him to go.

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