Gross Garden, Big Boy Bed, and Standing Unsupported

 I have a garden this year for the time ever.  It's been so much fun going out there and seeing the little tiny zucchini starter turn into a massive plant with leaves that take over in just a few short months.  It was so fun picking my first ripe tomato, and seeing little tiny green striped pumpkins get bigger every day.  It was so fun until today when I went out there and saw SLUGS.


Slugs to a garden equal death.  Slime every where.  Zucchinis that grew only a few inches long before being eaten but slugs.  Slugs ON the good zucchinis.  Slugs inside the zucchini flowers.  SLLLLUUUUUGGGGS. 

I'm learning as I go, since I've never done this before.  The tomatoes have gone from thriving, to almost dying, to being over watered and then under watered, and now FINALLY being in great condition.  I see new little green ones everyday, and get so excited to taste their sweetness.  When I first planted the lettuce, it wilted and I thought it had fried to death.  After a week of watering it well, it revived and then thrived, taking over the small bed I put it in.  We have since eaten 3 of the 4 lettuces I planted, and had to toss a bunch of it.  THERE WAS SO MUCH.  Now, I have one lettuce left.  I have lovingly named it our "lettuce tree."  It stands about 3 feet tall.  Someone told me, "eat it!" to which I replied, "we have been!  There's just so much!"  As long as it's living and still providing lettuce, I'm fine to let it grow as high as it will till it gets too heavy and falls over!  The pumpkins also started taking over the yard, with it's vines that twist along the ground as they grow (beautiful, I might add) and bright green, curly spindles that shoot off every few inches and attach themselves to the ground.  I finally had to trim it back so that there was room to walk around over there.  The pole beans, which started small, have now grown to the very top of the lattice I provided for them, and just today I saw some big, fat beans growing.  Delish!

Pretty Pumpkins

Our first ripe tomato

 But the slugs.  Oh the slugs.  And the dying zucchini.  I'm not really sure what to do about it.  I've gotten 4 squashes from the plant, and that's not enough to fulfill my expectations of the plant.  I've heard stories of the plant never dying, always producing 6 feet zucchinis, and being extremely hardy.  How can it be that I can kill the most zealous plant of them all?

After much research on the detestable, disgusting, death bringing slugs, I found that there are lots of home remedies to try to eradicate the vermin.  I'm going to try egg shells first, because they won't cost me anything.  Next, coffee grinds.  Then, sand.  We'll see how that goes.  I also discovered that I'm probably watering the plant too much.  It only needs a good soaking once or twice a week, and I've been watering it with the rest of them, every day.  I trimmed off all the dead leaves, removed all the rotting squashes, weeded, and sprinkled some egg shells all around.  I hope that will give it room for air to circulate, allow it to dry a bit better with more sunlight, and hopefully deter the wretched and vile slugs.  (although, while I was down close to the earth doing all that, I saw some other bugs that I wish didn't know existed, burrowing into a fairly large hole in the ground.  Gardening is really gross, why did I ever decide to do it????)  I'm off the store in a little bit to get some coffee grounds.  I read about a lady who put coffee and water into a watering can and used that to water her plants every day.  She claimed that it kept the slugs away and caused her plants to flourish.  We'll see.

Isaac's Big Kid Bed!

In other news, I scored a toddler bed on Craigslist for $25.  It is in near perfect condition, and fits Isaac's existing crib mattress.  He's been sleeping in it for a week now, and has done great!  The first few nights took a lot of talking to, lots of reassurance and praise, and there were a lot of midnight wake ups, but after those hiccups he's settled in nicely.  Paige is sleeping in his crib now, and got her very own fresh mattress ($35 from Ikea!)  The crib bumper is up in the attic and I didn't feel like getting it down, and I'm happy to say that we haven't needed it!  She's been able to sleep in the crib just fine, and I haven't walked in to find her legs/arms sticking out of the slats.  She's still waking up 1-2 times nightly, but that's a lot better than it used to be.

Paige pulling herself up to standing

 Paige has been pulling herself up on something and then standing unsupported for 20-30 seconds at a time.  It's fun to see, but also quite alarming.  She has a habit of just flinging herself backwards without any regard to what is behind her.  It's also a little sad to me, since God-willing she is my last baby, and it feels like she's not so much of a baby anymore.  Mostly though, it's exciting.

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