The neighbor's dog barks at 3 am

I have a hard time being out in public.  With the public.

The other day an old man yelled at me for not backing up when I had the right of way.  I cried for a half an hour after that.

Today a little girl pushed my son down at the park.  I probably won't go to that park again.

At the grocery store I was standing in front of the deli meat, trying to decide which roast beef to buy, when an old lady parked her cart and her body right in front of me, apparently oblivious to the fact that I was even there.  I didn't need that roast beef anyway.

I guess I have no back bone.  I have thin skin.  I'm yellow bellied.  And so on.

The neighbors have a chihuahua that they leave outside all night long.  The dog barks, incessantly.  As if sleep weren't already so hard for me, add this high pitched, pathetic yelp.  We sleep with a fan, but since it's been hot we also sleep with the window open.  That leaves a thin screen, about 4 feet, and a wooden fence between me and the ear piercing, "yap, yap, yap." 

Since I despise confrontation, I will not be knocking on the neighbor's door and asking if they could please let their dog in at night, or do something else about the barking.

I'm tired.
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