The Furman's welcome baby Ezra! (and other shenanigans in Pennsylvania)

Isaac and I went to visit Crystal, Martin, Elijah, and brand new baby Ezra in Pennsylvania this past week.  Isaac was such a good traveler, I was thankful!  It was so wonderful to meet Ezra and see the rest of the family.  Isaac and Elijah enjoyed playing together every day and having sleep overs at night.  We went to Living Treasures Animal Park with our friend Marsha, where we got to feed all the animals, even giraffes!  It was maybe more fun for us grown ups than the kids!  Isaac got to meet uncle Milton for the first time (who gave him a rad Optimus Prime toy!)  At the end of our trip, last flight, the flight attendant stopped Isaac on the way in and had him say over the loud speaker, "welcome aboard!" and then she ushered him into the cockpit where he got some wings, said hello to the pilots, and got to sit in the pilot's seat.  He was so tired, but he thought it was really great.  We were blessed with amazing people sitting around us, great flight crew, and mostly smooth and uneventful flights.  I'm so thankful for technology that allows me to see my sister, brother, brother in law, nephews, and friends who live 3000 miles away.  Enjoy the pictures! (there are lots!)

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